Aylsham Growers have been growing beans for the frozen market as long as we have peas, but over this time market requirements have changed and consequently we as a Company and Grower have had to adapt over the years to meet our customer, PinguinLutosa's needs.

Our success has come from a long establish history of growing beans with a number of specialist committed growers from within the group who have a passion for the crop and like to see it within their rotations. In doing so this has meant we are one of two Companies in the whole of the UK growing and supplying dwarf beans for the frozen sector.


  • Poweron
  • Verdigon
  • Belcampo
  • Venice
  • Bermuda
  • Laguna
  • Scuba
  • Stanley

Drilling & Harvest

Selection of the best varieties for our region, soil type and climate is crucial to ensuring our success as is formulating our drilling program so that everything reaches maturity in the correct harvesting sequence. Other factors which we also have to consider are when will peas finish, as the factory use the same processing line for our dwarf beans and cannot run both at the same time. Therefore a great deal of planning is required to ensure we have a smooth transition from one crop to the other with minimal downtime. In doing so we manipulate what varieties are grown when to ensure a successful crop grown based on their maturity timings, factory requirements and contracts in place.


In order to strive to be the best at what we do we have always been keen to invest in our operations and this is why we have our own specialist Monosem 12 row bean drill and two specialist bean harvesters (PMC BH7100 and Ploeger BP2100) which are in continual use throughout the bean harvesting season.