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Profel- Press Release

Poor crops for peas and beans

European vegetable canners and freezers in major producing countries report shortages
for peas and beans – two key crops for the sector.

While the pea crop for important producing areas in Belgium, Netherlands and France
was down 5 to 10% on forecasts, the UK, Europe's largest pea producing area, was particularly badly hit with a 35% shortfall.

Beans were also severely affected with Belgium and the UK down 20 to 25%, France and the Netherlands down 10 to 15% on forecasts due to problems with drilling earlier this season, and generally lower yields.

UK brassica crops are in short supply as the fresh market takes up the volumes, and root crops are smaller than average years. Germany and Poland report normal campaigns.

In addition to industry concerns over quantities, the sector's prospects for next year are subdued as exceptionally high cereal prices are felt on contracts, and competition for agricultural land with other crops increases.