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Pea Update- Country Overview

The story across the whole country is the same. Too wet, too cold and poor field conditions causing havoc. Yields are poor in most places with only a few pockets of crops that are “average at best”. The long term forecast, until the end of the month, is for the same cold unsettled weather.

There is an article on the BBC website today explaining the situation with the position of the jet stream if you want to know why everything is so cold and wet.

Crops have been abandoned because the fields are so wet that they are impossible to harvest. Gaps in the vining season estimated between five and ten days are predicted because of the wet April and the inability to drill peas at that time. Reports of plants suffering water stress are widespread.  In Scotland they have not harvested anything yet but crop and field conditions there are no better than in England.  First peas should be harvested next week, weather permitting!

On the continent the situation is the same.  In Belgium they are having problems with late harvesting virtually wiping out the prospect for the green bean crop which they usually drill behind peas. Yields are OK but the weather is stopping them getting to the crops.

Produced by Tim Mudge, Commercial Manager at British Growers Association