Latest Pea Vining News

Not surprisingly the hot weather has dominated the start of the 2013 vining pea season.

Good harvest conditions, and hot weather has been a double edged sword.  Compared to last year the crops are looking much better and good yields and quality are widely reported.  On the other side the hot weather has already meant areas being bypassed with more expected. To date factories seem to be coping ok with the heat and the demand for space. With the hot weather forecast to continue, albeit with some eastern coastal regions a bit cooler, it will be interesting to see how this impacts the crop in the next week.

In Belgium we spoke to one group who said that they were experiencing very good yields (10tonne/ha) and one field which produced 14 tonnes/ha.  However, they do take peas at a higher TR as they have alternative food manufacturing outlets for soup production which require these type of peas, rather than just retail based customers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the phone around. We will continue to send the reports as the season progresses.