Greenyard Foods Press Release

Pinguin NV has announced a change of name to Greenyard Foods NV.
This follows the completion of the sale of the potato business to McCains in May. They are finalising negotiations to purchase the Boston factory which they currently rent from GW Padley Vegetables Ltd.

Link to Press Release: Pinguin name change press release.pdf


- Pinguin NV will become Greenyard Foods NV. By changing its name, the international food group emphasises its ambition to continue its growth strategy with a clear focus on the processing and marketing of frozen and canned fruit and vegetables and ready-to-use products. The Group has set 4 strategic priorities for this effect.

- Greenyard Foods continues its strategy of acquiring production sites where possible and desirable. It is Greenyard Foods' intention to sign in June a SPA with UFM following the LOI of 16 March. The Group is also currently finalizing the negotiations to acquire the rented production site in Boston, UK from GW Padley Vegetables Limited.

- Greenyard Foods is planning to issue a bond loan in order to finance its growth plan.