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British Growers Pea Season Update 4

Pea season update by Tim Mudge, Commercial Manager at British Growers Association.

A weather dominated report again this week. Starting in Scotland groups around Dundee around 25% of the way through and estimated to be about 10 days behind plan.  Very wet and cold in Scotland and there are concerns that it could be a long drawn out season if the weather doesn't change favourably. Crops described as slow and weathered.  On the borders they are little further through at just over 30% quality and yield are OK  but again crops are slowing down because of the cold wet conditions.  In Yorkshire overnight one sampler reported temperatures of 4 degrees in the early hours. More October than July, but today has seen conditions improve with a bit more sunshine and slightly improved temperatures, quality and yield are OK groups are 40 to 50% through their area. In north Lincolnshire decent yields and crops are reported.  Varying numbers on progress but on average about 50% through their crops.  Some aphid pressure reported. In South Lincolnshire the harvest could be over for some groups in 7 - 10 days with others not very far behind.  Later crops have struggled with the lack of sunlight and cold night temperatures. (Reports of brass monkeys sobbing in the corners of fields in the early hours may be slightly exaggerated! If you need that explained please click here) Moving into East Anglia groups are between 65% and 80% through their areas.  Yields and quality OK at present but some late crops are not very exciting with the rain coming a bit late and the cold condition compounding the matter. Reports from continent are few and far between at present.  No response from emails and calls so far but a Belgian contact said that their late yield were "not pleasing".  Will continue to try and get more on this and report next week when we have some confirmed news.

The YesPeas! Campaign has had some harvest coverage this week in local papers.  The Yorkshire Post has a feature last weekend click here to see the coverage. The Lincolnshire Echo and east Linsey target published articles, but they are not on line.  See Front Page. Read Article.

Once again a reminder about the UK Vining Pea Conference on the 11th November at PGRO.  We are working hard on getting more speakers and hope to make an announcement as the harvest winds down in August.