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British Growers 2015 Pea Season Update 2

Pea season update by Tim Mudge, Commercial Manager at British Growers Association.

Hot weather is having an impact on those who have already started vining.  Very warm nights are maturing crops quickly in some areas.  Levels of aphids and Silver Y moth are causing concern in East Anglia and Lincolnshire, along with pigeon damage.  With the heat comes the prospect of some crops being bypassed and this "is inevitable" in the next few days.  Those who are harvesting are doing so flat out.  Yields and quality seem to be up to expectation. As the crops suffer so do the freezing plants in the heat and there have been reports of delays at some sites.  Weather forecasts show temperatures coming down a bit next week.

No Vining in Scotland, around Dundee, yet with none expected for a week or so. On the borders they may start early next week. Conditions are good at present with no major pest problems seen.

In Belgium some factories are 25% through their pea harvest with good yields but with 36 degree temperatures yesterday they are worried about the crops coming at them all at once.

If you are about this evening and listening to the radio then tune into Radio 2 about 6:00 to 6:30 to hear Nigel Barden cooking with peas on Simon Mayo's programme.  It should include some information given to them by the Yes Peas! Campaign  If you miss it, it will be available to catch up with for seven days via the Radio 2 website.

Thank you to everyone who participated with this round up.  We will keep in touch as we progress.