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140724 Pea Update- Country Overview

The recent hot weather is pushing crops along as the hot days and warm nights mean TR’s are creeping up.

Localised storms at the back end of last week caused some disruption to harvest but most groups are now over the half way mark and up to 70% of the way through.  Mixed maturity and yields are still being seen but later peas are showing some promise. However, it is still too early to predict what the end of the season will deliver.

In Scotland they're a little under a third of the way through and moving away from mixed maturity and into more consistent crops. They've had better luck with the weather and so have been able to keep going without too many stops so far.

In Belgium they also suffered with rain last week and it caused some problems with harvesting. This coupled with mixed maturity has meant that yields have been lower than average in some areas. They expect to finish next week.