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120828 Pea Update- Country Overview

In England the peas season to forget seems to be drawing to a close with many groups finishing last week and others due to wind up over the next few days. Results are mostly disappointing with tonnages between 50 – 75% of contract. The one area which seems to have fared better is the north east of East Anglia where the results are more in line with expected budgets. However this will not make up for the significant short fall in the overall UK pea production in 2012. In Scotland there is still a long way to go and the weather is still causing problems with 24mm of rain yesterday in the Dundee area and reports of viners stuck in the mud. End of harvest is at least a month away there. Their later crops do have potential but they will need fair weather for that to be realised.

On the continent it seems that Scandinavia are doing well and Belgium and France had reasonable crops with reports of over 90% of contract tonnage achieved.  Quality is mixed with a lot of high TR peas being produced.

Further afield the New Zealand crop area is forecast to be 10% down for 2012/13 season.

Where ever we get reports about peas from in the UK, EU or further afield the news resonates that growers are more attracted to lower risk, high returns and more stable crops such as cereals and OSR for 2013.  This will clearly be a significant factor in the coming negotiations with freezing and canning companies in many countries.

As you may well have seen, heard or read C4 Jimmy Docherty, BBC Countryfile and Sky News, National/Regional Radio as well as many Print/Online media, have carried articles/made programmes, about the Pea harvest this summer.  British Growers Association will continue to promote UK Vegetable & Salad growers and communicate the vital customer and consumer messages that the industry deserves to have aired.

Produced by Tim Mudge, Commercial Manager at British Growers Association Ltd