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120720 Pea Update- Country Overview

An extremely difficult season from the start of drilling through to harvest. Working from North to South, some harvesting around Dundee started this week but yields are generally disappointing and not expected to get much better. In Yorkshire and Lincolnshire there are still very difficult field conditions and further rain this week has not helped. Generally yields are below budget and quality is below normal. The approaching crops are not looking any better. Some groups are expecting to stop harvesting for a few days after the interruption to drilling in April. In East Anglia there have been some better yields reported but ground conditions have been difficult with some localised storms causing havoc.

News from around the continent is that Spain. Italy and Southern France suffered with the heat. Northern France and Belgium are in pretty much the same position as the English crop with poor field conditions, some good yields, but generally a difficult season.  The weather has also had a severe impact upon the Belgian spinach and dwarf bean crops. In Scandinavia they are at about the same place as Scotland with harvesting delayed and what has been done is below yield and quality expectations.

Overall it is far too early to predict the final outcome of the 2012 season, but "difficult and disappointing " sums it up so far.

A small piece of good news was that the annual Peasenhall Pea Festival was held last weekend and the weather was kind to them.  The Yes Peas! promotion campaign sponsored the event and sent recipe books and prizes for the raffle.

Produced by Tim Mudge, Commercial Manager at British Growers Association