Final Preparations


With drilling having been completed on the 7th June our attention has been focused now on getting all the gear ready for the off. With the new 1089 Viner having arrived this Tuesday we have been busy adding on all our safety features which aren't standard when it comes out of the factory. Along with this we have finished the build on the new water bowser which I am really pleased with and so now I hope it works as well as it looks. Crops coming on fast especially now the night time temperatures are up. Had enough of the rain now I will admit, things are pretty soggy underfoot we got 20mm of rain in an hour yesterday!! TR sampling starts in earnest tomorrow so we will get a good idea of when we are going to start after. Monday we have our training day at PMC for the new Viner and then on Tuesday we have our Health and Safety Day and Training day with all the staff, new and old. Clock ticking till we are on the move, watch this space!!

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