6th May 2016 - Pea Drilling Update


On getting round the pea crops this morning early doors whilst everyone else was still in bed, I was amazed to see how much the crop had come on in the last 7 days following some sun and heat. However I did get a surprise as I went into one, only to find someone couldn't be bothered to dispose of their own rubbish and instead resorted to fly tipping it in one of our fields!!!! Thankfully I found the name and address of the person who it belongs to in amongst the heap so this can be followed up officially. Overall there are some good crops around which considering the troubles we had to get them established is great. Fingers crossed that we don't now go into a dry spell like 2013. Crops being drilled now which is about every 2 days are being followed behind by the rolls as soils dry out rapidly in the current weather to keep what moisture is there in the ground. Area drilled now is approx. 1000ha.

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