Final Preparations


With drilling having been completed on the 7th June our attention has been focused now on getting all the gear ready for the off. With the new 1089 Viner having arrived this Tuesday we have been busy adding on all our safety features which aren't standard when it comes out of the factory. Along with this we have finished the build on the new water bowser which I am really pleased with and so now I hope it works as well as it looks. Crops coming on fast especially now the night time temperatures are up. Had enough of the rain now I will admit, things are pretty soggy underfoot we got 20mm of rain in an hour yesterday!! TR sampling starts in earnest tomorrow so we will get a good idea of when we are going to start after. Monday we have our training day at PMC for the new Viner and then on Tuesday we have our Health and Safety Day and Training day with all the staff, new and old. Clock ticking till we are on the move, watch this space!!

5th June 2016- PMC Viner, Drilling & AGM Reminder


I called in at PMC to check on our new 1089 Viner this morning to make sure it was still on target for arriving as planned only to find it had just returned back from going on a test run. All in all it looks good and I am glad we have a different podder chain set up to the standard machine which appears to have fitted in well up top. Just need PMC now to modify the picking head as the new 1089 doesn't go as low as the old 979CT which for us isn't good news on organics so they are changing the ground roller and frame to accommodate our requirements.

Drilling wise we have just started again after a huge amount of rain on Tuesday/Wednesday (40mm approx.) which has meant things have taken some time to dry out. Should finish drilling by Wednesday this week which will be good news.

Experiencing a huge amount of Diamond Black Moth at the moment which is being confused for Silver Y Moth, which is thought to have come in on the strong winds at the moment. Aphids pressure low but with a warm forecast ahead this could soon change.

Growers please don't forget we have both Company AGM's on Monday so a day of meetings all round followed by a trip to Sweden on Tuesday for see Vaderstad.

26th May 2016- General Update

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Everywhere I look flowers are now starting to show and so things are starting to hot up. Aphids are now finding their way into crops and I expect numbers will rise with a warmer forecast ahead. Here at base we are re-charging the air conditioning units on the viners and making the final adjustments to the watercart we have been making before we send it in for shot blasting. As well as this we have just finished overhauling both bean harvesters and so the final running up phase is now taking place this afternoon, where adjustments can be made. Drilling continues, but the end is in sight now.